After the severe COVID-19 pandemic, travel safety, and health factors after lockdown have become major issues all over the world. Although this pandemic has not yet been incapacitated downright, meanwhile awareness and various safety notes including travel and tourism safety have been voiced by various recognized agencies and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Other than some containment zones, traveling is gradually accelerating its speed as soon as the lockdown has been called off. Now apart from health factors during pandemic COVID-19, travel safety has stood forth being the most challenging task for the evasion of any further contamination of this pandemic

Owing to this deadly pandemic, Hermes Voyages Pvt. Ltd. immensely takes pride in keeping up all the possible safety measures, including travel and tour safety for the customers. Our company provides you the safest international and domestic travel services post-lockdown situation with 100% assurance in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

 The following points highlight some of the travel safety measures adopted by Hermes Voyages Pvt. Ltd:

  • Travel SafetyPractices in the Office
  • Within our office complex, all the necessary safety practices and the guidelines for the COVID-19 prescribed by the agencies and the Government are being strictly observed.
  • We have arranged a sanitization team for our office and every day proper sanitization is being done by them in the entire office premises.
  • Moreover, we allow our employees to enter our office only after thorough checking and getting them sanitized.

Due to this serious pandemic, social-distancing has become one of the major practices to combat COVID-19. In our office, we also follow the practice of social distancing with our customers as well as office staff too. Distancing of a minimum of 2 meters is accurately maintained in our office.

  • Safety practices in our recommended places– 
  • Amidst the pandemic, we assure 100% travel safety in all our international and domestic tour packages.
  • The hotels and accommodations that we recommend are entirely labeled under the best safety practices.
  • The hotels and guest houses at our proposition are regularly sanitized and cleaned for the tourists and guests.
  • Moreover, different technologies regarding safety measurements are also installed in those hotels and guest houses for additional protection against this devastating global pandemic.
  • Each tourist and guests have to undergo through these additional checking process followed by complete sanitizations. So the customers can fully rely on us concerning health issues and travel safety measures.
  • Other Travel safety practices– 
  • Apart from the above Tour safety measures taken during the pandemic situation, we also provide ultimate safety solutions for best safety travel.
  • We always keep cognizance on any social gathering, if it is found; with no time loss, we take strong action against it.
  • To avert any social gathering during the ongoing pandemic, we have in-dining room facilities in our advised hotels including buffet service.
  • Besides, the use of masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers also includes the prime aspects of these safety practices.

Hermes Voyages Pvt. Ltd. promises you to offer a comprehensive range of customized tour packages with utmost travel safety methods. The post-lockdown circumstance during the global pandemic calls for more care for you and the nation. Join our safe hands and witness some marvelous encounters.