Norway is one of the three countries under Scandinavia. Norway, in a Nutshell, is the best way to explore the country and understand the Beauty of Nature. Norway always comes under the bucket list of many travelers who traveled or wanted to visit Europe. With a Unique Geographical diversity and cultural and historical legacies attached to The Viking era, Norway always attracted Travel enthusiasts from all over the world. The region has a rich history and diverse culture, and linguistic ties, and to mention the Famous Norwegian Fjords.

A fjord is a Scandinavian word that went global. A fjord is a long narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs created by a glacier. Norway’s Coastline which is 29,000 KM long has nearly 1200 fjords covered by mountain Cliffs, The Scenic Beauty of this Place will take your breath away, it seems God was listening to some beautiful music while he designed this part of the world with such harmony!

While exploring a country, it is the best way to travel by all means; Road, rail, and waterways. Norway, in a Nutshell, covers all the three modes and shows us the beauty of NorwayNorway, in a Nutshell, is a Complete Package tour that Combines a Scenic ferry ride; on the two UNESCO Protected Fjords, which are connected, The Naeroyfjord & Aurlandsfjord. Experience of the Scenic Bergen railway, breath-taking Flam Railway, and a bus ride on the steep hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva or western Norway. May – September, the bus trip includes the steep hairpin curves of Stalheimskleiva rest of the time drives on the regular road from Gudvangen to Voss. As roads often get damaged due to heavy rainfall. Norway in a nutshell tour can start in Oslo, Bergen, Voss or Flam irrespective of the season. You can Customise your night stay and actives as per your choice during travel. You need to choose the Start point of this tour.

Norway in a Nutshell from – Oslo

If you are staring from Oslo, then you have the advantage to take a round trip and come back to Oslo after the tour ends, or you can take a one way trip from Oslo to Bergen.

Oslo is the Capital of Norway, while you are starting from Oslo, set out on a westbound train journey, crossing through the scenic mountain terrain on the Bergen railway; you will arrive in Myrdal – a Station and junction on the Bergen line in mainline Aurland. This railway station is also the upper terminal of the Flam Line, which ascends from the Valley of the Sognefjord to the mountain- top junction. You Change the Train from here and hop into the legendary Flam Railway. Witness the Spectacular Panoramic views to some of the wildest and magnificent nature and picturesque view of Norwegian fjords landscape. There is an Electric Minibus runs to Stegastein viewpoint, the viewpoint is a 30-meter-long & 4-meter-wide Construction of Steel and Laminated Pine; designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen completed in 2006. This viewpoint offers a Panoramic view of the Aurlandsfjord and Aurlandsvangen and the mountains from a Platform 650 meters above sea level. While you are in Flam it is a must-visit.

The journey Continues from Flam with a fjord Cruise on the Magnificent Aurlandsfjord and the dramatic and narrow Naeroyfjord. The Aurlandsfjord is a Picturesque fjord that offers stunning views.  Naeroyfjord is one Dramatic fjord surrounded by high mountains. We suggest you keep the extra memory cards of your camera! This tour will surely eat up all your gadgets Space. The Naeroyfjorden listed under the UNESCO World Heritage list is one of the narrowest fjords in Europe. After the Fjord Cruise arrives in a small village of Gudvangen nestled in the innermost part of TheNaeroyfjord. Continue the journey from Gudvangen with a bus trip through the Naeroydalen.

Pass through the charming villages and scenic nature. From May to September month, this Bus travels down the steep hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva. Then the Bus will arrive in Voss- another magnificent landscape and a place of fantastic experience – all year round. Voss is surrounded by high mountains, wooded valleys, and cascading rivers and waterfalls if you like you can spend a night in this picturesque valley. Then board the Bergen railway again to travel back to Oslo.

Norway is a Kaleidoscope of encompassing mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. With beautiful wooden houses clinging from the mountains fantastic views from railway routes, it seems God has created this part with lots of Poise.

A Nutshell is a term often used to describe something in a small scale, under the protection of a nutshell, we get the valuable nuts which are rich in multiple goodnesses to human life! The same way Norway, in a Nutshell, Offers a travel enthusiast a small way to explore this beautiful country and gives an essence of the vast geographical diversity.

Plan for a Trip to Norway! Norway, in a Nutshell, should be the must include in Itinerary.

So when are you planning?