The Ghan expedition across the expanses of the great Australian outback is an extremely charming way to explore the Northern Territory and South Australia. This impeccable train journey amid Australia escorts you from starting from the tropical coastline stretching far to the Red Centre of the country – an astonishing landscape encompassed by rigid mountains, rock-strewn ravines, widespread desert plains, and also some of Australia’sindigenous sanctified places like Kata Tjuta and Uluru.

The train journey in Australian outback eventually lands you up into the exotic valleys of South Australia. One can explore the serenity of the center of Australia and also have an in-hand experience of the most exemplary spots of the country by experiencing one of the greatest considered trains in the world –the Ghan.


  • Since 1929, the Ghan has proudly marked 91 years of outback crossings in 2020. It has been able to attract the limelight amongst the globetrotters for so many decades.
  • The Ghan has much more to offer the travelers than mere transit Darwin and Adelaide and vice-versa.
  • Ghan – the great train of all time is a blessing in disguise. It offers its travelers sophisticated private cabins, well-responsive service, and luxurious dining and also the company of fellow travelers.
  • The Ghan is envisioned as the longest luxury passenger train in the world with its length about 1.1 Km long.
  • This world’s longest passenger train, the Ghan is installed with all modern furniture and amenities to render you the utmost contentment and royal ambiance.
  • The discernible wooden surroundings, vintage Edwardian decoration, and vast windows overlooking the elegant landscape of Northern Territory and South Australia have made it much more fascinating to the tourists. Every year people all over the world travel for the Ghan expedition to frame this amazing adventurous train journey at least once in their lifetime.
  • Impeccable Service of The Ghan Service
  • Primarily there are two service packages on the Ghan which you can opt for and proceed for your journey.
  • Gold Service Package
  • Platinum Service Package

But there is another addition in the packages which is Chairman’s Carriage, Australia’s most luxurious and sophisticated train carriage.

  • Remember there always may be a chance of price hike in the service packages during high seasons.
  • Food and Beverage facilities onThe Ghan
  • Along with other facilities, the Ghanrenders its travelers some of the best restaurants in Australia. Travelers can relishlip-smacking foods sitting right beside the vast windows that overlook the outlandish charm of South Australia. To serve people, some luxury restaurants and cafes of Australia have partnered with the Ghan, so that travelers can feel themselves on cloud nine. The name of the restaurants and the cafes you can find out on the Ghan are –
  • Outback Explorer Lounge

It is the most amazing and unique dining spot on the Ghan and has all the elements to make your journey incredible. The sitting arrangements are decked with cozy launches and it serves breakfast to late evenings’ meal. The prime vision of this beautiful restaurant is “social gathering”: to know your fellow travelers and come round new people. There are musicians to drizzle romantic allures in the background.

  • Queen Adelaide Restaurant

It is the name of another elegant restaurant you can get on the Ghan. It is best known for its captivating royal ambiance and variety of mouth-watering cuisines such as saltwater barramundi and green kangaroo fillet etc. Besides non-veg, there are also available exquisite dishes for children and vegetarian people. It serves breakfast, lunch(two courses), and dinner(three courses). It also comprises of different kinds of premium wines and beverages to complement your food. Queen Adelaide Restaurant enables exclusive entry of those customers who fit in the Platinum and Gold Package.

  • Platinum Club

The name itself suggests that this restaurant exclusively serves the Platinum members. It is the brand new extension on the Ghan and the Australian  Railways to serve healthy food and a comfy amicable atmosphere. It is the ideal place for a group of friends, small groups, and larger groups. The menus of this restaurant are especially based and designed according to the authentic Australian regional food.

  • Australian Outback

The Australian outback is one of the most captivating, heartwarming and miraculous places on the Earth. Far off only red sandy roads and landscapes, rigid hills, and in every step, there are surprises and beauty from the eternal nature. From bonfire to candlelight dinner beneath the open sky drawn up to the horizon, you can encounter with all the possible adventures once in your lifetime.

  • Experience Australia’s Northern Territory –

One of the most fascinating places of Australia’s Northern Territory is the iconic Uluru monolith. It is considered as the spiritual hub of Australia. Uluru contains a wide range of natural wonders that are enlisted under the World-Heritage sites.

Travelers can explore the scenic view of Australia’s outback from a helicopter. One can avail of the Kata Tjuta and Uluru scenic helicopter service, where the tourist guides will show you the majestic rock formations. The more you fly above, you will get to view the sacred natural wonders which reflect the historical and cultural significance of the place.

You will be enamored by the scenic beauty and tranquility of nature. So, go ahead! Pack your bags and begin the adventure of exploring the Ghan and the phenomenal magnificence of Australian outback. Once you land up here, this will be on your bucket list for time and again. So, don’t miss the chance to indulge in endless adventures and explore the amazing ancient landscapes!